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Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum trucks are heavy duty trucks or trailers of different sizes that have a tank and heavy duty suction equipment mounted to the truck to remove solids, liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 2-4" in diameter.

  • Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Truck Services
  • Waste Water Removal
  • Sump Cleaning
  • Oil field Tank Water Removal
  • Rig Mat Pressure Wash and Cleaning

Vacuum trucks or trailers are used by towns and municipalities to remove sludge from sewers, manholes, dewatering of flooded land and parking lots as well as in rural areas to clean individual septic tank systems. More specialized services are cleanup of soil. Other common uses are in the cleaning of sanitary sewer lift stations as well as cleaning grease interceptors that are required by law to catch food and waste grease before entering the sanitary mains in most restaurants. Industrial use in the in the petroleum industry include cleaning of storage tanks and spills. Vacuum trucks are also commonly used when drilling oil and natural gas wells. Vacuum trucks are used to clean up any drilling mud and cuttings, unwanted spills as well as for removal of brine water from on-site tanks.

Be sure to enquire about our sewer line flushing and dry steam services.dry steam services. Our vac truck provides the added convenience or having the right combination of tools for the job, big or small.